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Florida From Space

Florida From Space

Everyone has a communications network. Opinion leaders they believe. Organizations they trust. Friends, family, and co-workers they admire. Creating a web of such relationships and connecting influential partners is vital to the preservation conversation.

Making such connections is harder than ever. The increasing complexity of issues, media fragmentation and information overload deal clients a tougher set of challenges. The need for powerful, compelling and exciting communications has never been greater.

At Florida Journeys Communications, we start with the client’s big picture, then apply tools and creative thinking to develop the communications most likely to hit the mark. In a time of increasing “noise” in the market, we excel at making existing and new communications fit better, work harder and inspire action.

We offer a single-source solution for clients who wish to bypass the bureaucracy of large agencies or studios. You can be assured that Florida Journeys Communications delivers a high level of professionalism, knowledge, innovation and involvement in the creative process.

At times, we function as a virtual in-house communications department, handling planning, marketing strategy , content branding / messaging, PR, web development, annual reports, promotions and video production. For other clients, we take on specialized or overflow projects on a selective basis. Our flexibility offers many advantages:

  1. We are single-layered. You don’t pay for tiers of management and administration
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  3. Outside costs are billed at cost (no big-agency mark-ups)
  4. To maintain favorable rates, we keep overhead low
  5. We draw from a network of expert professionals, as needed, for specific projects

This means you get greater value, and more enduring returns, from your communications. See our Portfolio to view a sampling of our successful campaigns, then contact us to learn what we can do with and for you.

“Different from Florida’s mindless rush to ruin, Caroline McKeon’s Florida Journeys shows us the sane way forward. Marked by beauty and intelligence, her programs show Floridians at work to create a sustainable future and thereby inspire further best efforts.”
Herb Hiller

Travel Writer & East Coast Greenway Alliance Southeast Region Program Consultant

Our mission is unequivocal: To provide our clients with the tools to inspire, inform and influence positive action.