Creativity in Action

We believe that creative brilliance on its own is transitory and subject to the whims of time. Inventive strategy, impeccably executed, builds an enduring impression and leaves something of significance.

Florida Journeys Communications is founded on the principle that direct contact between clients and those responsible for creative and strategic development deliver the best possible results. Clients know their organization and influential stakeholders. We listen and build on their expertise. By eliminating middlemen, information and ideas flow with greater ease and accuracy. The process is both time and cost effective.

Direct communication, outstanding creative and a solution-minded approach combine to produce a standard of work that sets Florida Journeys Communications apart, as does our roster of prestigious clients.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Expertise: Adept at translating complex ecological and scientific content into compelling, relevant and accurate communication campaigns.
  • Depth: Able to go deeper and discover new insights, connecting the dots in new and purposeful ways.
  • Creative philosophy: Personal service and direct client contact leads to a free flow of information and the best result
  • Streamlined: Full-service support without the bureaucracy and high costs of larger agency-clients work directly with the founder
  • Key benefits: On-target, on-time creative results at an uncommon value.

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Full Service … Without the Bureaucracy

Our clients benefit from a wealth of communications resources, state-of-the-art technologies and award-winning professionals from a broad range of disciplines and backgrounds.

Comprehensive or a la carte services include:

  • Place Branding
  • Content Branding & messaging
  • Marketing strategy, planning, implementation
  • Creative design & execution


  • Full-service website development and design
  • Full-service video production
  • Strategic partner and sponsor development
  • Interactive media and PR campaigns

Our mission is unequivocal: To provide our clients with the tools to inspire, inform and influence positive action.