Sarasota Bay Watch

Sarasota Bay Watch is a 501c3 nonprofit organization committed to protecting and restoring Sarasota Bay’s ecosystem through community education and citizen participation. Their mission is accomplished by organizing a large volunteer community for which their website was the central tool for communications, event sign-ups, calendars, membership, education, donations, etc. The website modules that enabled the public to access, engage, and contribute to their key initiatives no longer functioned. The website had been patched for 4 years, but due to legacy coding and a non-upgradable platform had lost its core functionality and needed to be rebuilt.

Florida Journeys Communications in collaboration with Rough & Ready Media designed a fun and visually engaging site that is easy to navigate, has responsive design and is interactive.

The HOME page is the most valuable real estate on any website. Our philosophy is that all pertinent information or links need to be readily accessible on that page. To accomplish that we incorporated a real time Facebook feed so that new content of interest is loading on a daily basis. We also incorporated three large buttons near the top of the page that are commerce generators, DONATE, BECOME A MEMBER and MERCHANDISE. A News and Events section also has prominent placement.

The WordPress CMS is easily managed by non-technical individuals. A consistent theme incorporated SBW’s logo, colors, heading, footers and buttons throughout the site. User-friendly functionality for event sign-ups as well as video and audio functionality, fast loading pages, events calendar, PayPal integration, and a Google map were also integrated into the site.


Sarasota Bay Watch website